Jill Dials

Blood Recipient

During delivery of my now 17 yr old son, I experienced a uterine rupture. Due to internal bleeding and excessive loss of blood, my blood pressure dropped to near fatal readings. I was wisked into emergency surgery, and received 6 units of blood. I am forever thankful for everyone who donates blood, as it saved my life that day. I give blood whenever I am able to and encourage others to do the same.

Fred Haller

Blood Donor

On May 23, 2017 my wife, Sarah, and I were involved in a head-on car collision on I-70 in Indiana. Another driver was fleeing police, lost control of his vehicle and was propelled over the median cable barrier in front of our vehicle. Sarah was flown to St Vincent hospital in Indianapolis with multiple fractures to the pelvis, ribs, sternum and both feet. Her pelvis required 2 surgeries during which she received 8 units of blood. Sarah survived the accident, but is still recovering and learning how to walk.

Donald Harju

Blood Donor

While I have never needed a transfusion, years ago while I was a child, both of my parents needed blood for various reasons. Understanding the importance of donating, I began donating as a young adult and continue to do so at 74 years of age.

Robert Cross

Blood Donor

I remember since I was a child my grandfather has given blood and has done so his entire adult life. Shortly after I began donating he reached a milestone of 25 gallons and is still donating at 90 years of age. This motivated myself and my family to continue with his legacy for many years but I never expected to be the beneficiary of blood donation(s) or the impact it can have on so many lives. Last fall while showing a family member around my property I fell from a tree stand just of ten feet off of the ground. I was knocked unconscious and my cousin had called family for help. I do not remember anything from the incident due to shock however I went in for the evening and went to bed. I woke up four to five hours later with severe abdominal and shoulder pain. I had my wife drive me to the hospital and in hindsight, I should have called an ambulance as I lost consciousness trying to get out of the car at the hospital due to internal bleeding. Upon arriving, the trauma staff quickly diagnosed that I had ruptured my spleen and began to give me units of blood- ten units in all thru the surgery. I was transferred to a trauma hospital by helicopter for surgery and recovery of 7 days. When I spoke to the physician they said that he did not know how I was alive as they removed 2.7 liters of blood from my abdomen. Without the blood donation from people like my grandfather, family and other selfless blood donors there is not a doubt that I would not be here to tell this story. Once I become eligible again, I will be giving at every event possible. Thank you to everyone who donates and saves lives.
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