The Transfusion Safety Program (TSP) is a community-wide Hemovigilance service provided to all hospitals receiving blood and blood products from CBC/CTS™.  The TSP is a voluntary program designed to bring blood center and hospital professionals together to enhance transfusion practice.  For additional information, please contact Colleen McGuinness Slapak, Transfusion Safety Director, at or 937-461-3503.  

Program Objectives: 

  • Enhance blood safety and availability
  • Improve patient safety and clinical practice
  • Advance clinical practices through scientific evidence
  • Promote educational opportunities

Hospital Forms
For hospital transfusion services supplied by CBC/CTS™.  All forms are also available in the Customer Service Manual.


Blood Bulletins
Provided by CBC/CTS in conjunction with America's Blood Centers.


Additional Resources
Recommended transfusion medicine-related websites, newsletters, and articles.


Circular of Information (COI)

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