Come on in and see what it takes to be a volunteer blood donor that can save up to three lives! If Not YOU! Then WHO?

Step 1: Registration

Community Blood Center’s Lobby. The first step in becoming a hero is to sign-in at the registration desk!

After you sign-in, one of CBC’s registrar’s will ask you for a photo ID and to verify your correct address.

Step 2: Screening

The next process includes a confidential screening process. The nurse will check your blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, and test a few drops of blood from your finger to determine your hemoglobin (iron levels).

Step 3: Donating

After the screening process, the nurse will escort you to the donor room. Here the nurse will clean an area of your arm. All materials are sterile and it is impossible to become infected with AIDS or other disease by donating blood.

The donation: You may feel a little 'sting' when the needle is inserted, but there is no pain during the donation. The procedure is done by a skilled, specially trained technician.

You will give about one pint of blood, which will take 6-12 minutes. After donating, most people feel great. You will begin to replenish blood volume within 24 hours.

When the procedure is finished, the technician will collect a few tubes of blood for testing purposes. We test every donor’s blood for viruses such as HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, and blood type. The needle is removed and a bandage placed on your arm.

Step 4: Refreshments

After donating, you will rest about 10 minutes in our canteen. Refreshments will be served to raise your blood sugar and increase your fluid level. The entire process takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

What happens to your blood after donating? Here is one example: Sarah Nelson, age 10 from West Milton, OH. Alive today with the help of numerous blood transfusions to help battle leukemia.

Together We Can Save Lives!

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